Monday, May 18, 2009

Make Pancakes Fun and Easy

While shopping for groceries at my neighborhood Costco this weekend I came across this interesting product. We thought it looked like fun so we decided to give it a try.

Batter Blaster is a spray can sort of like whipped cream that has pancake batter inside. You can make waffles, pancakes or even Belgian waffles with it.

So Sunday morning we decided to try it out. I have a Belgian Waffle Iron that I love and after heating it like I normally do I put some non-stick spray on both sides, shook the can of Batter Blaster , pointed the nozzle at the waffle iron and sprayed an amount similar to what I would normally add to the waffle iron. I let it cook the normal time and it was nice and brown. Initially I thought that they were a little soft for a waffle but just a few seconds on the plate and they crisped up very nicely.

The taste was very good, like any pancake or waffle batter you might make and there was no mess to clean up. No bowls or measuring cups. Just rinse off the nozzle, put the top back on and put it back in the refrigerator.

Batter Blaster (tm) is an organic pancake and waffle batter. The can that dispenses it is a patent pending process which makes for the fun factor. One can makes approximatley 28 - 4" pancakes. A single serving is 3 pancakes and they are about 112 calories per serving.

We liked them very much. So give them a try if you find them in your grocer's refrigerated case. If you don't find them in your store ask your store manager to get them for you. They may not even know they are available yet.

Check out the Batter Blaster (tm) web site for recipes, and more info including an awesome retro video on how to make your pancakes.

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