Friday, July 17, 2009

What can you do with a Waffle Iron...

Part 1 of a series...

The other day for some reason I woke up thinking. I wonder what else you can make in a waffle iron. I have this one

I purchased it from Chef's Catalog.

We like this waffle mix

Also purchased from Chef's Catalog.
But I got to thinking, what else can you make with a waffle iron. So this is the beginning of my series of experiments to see just what else can be made.

My first experiment was a selfish one. On the weekends my husband and I sometimes like to make biscuits and sausage gravy. But because we are usually also making eggs, hashbrowns and some sort of meat product we will not always do the biscuits and gravy. I did come across a product in my grocery store that I keep several on hand though. It's the Tennessee Pride Sausage Gravy.

You can find it in the freezer section where you find sausage patties and the box costs under $1.50. A bargain and usually will feed both of us. So if you have a larger family you would need to make more than one box. They microwave in about 3 and a half minutes. So super quick too.

My issue however was the biscuits. Even if I make the ones in the can, there's still the preheating of the oven and the 20 or so minutes to cook. By then everything else has been long done and eaten. :-(

So I decided that I was going to see if I could make biscuits in the waffle iron. It would have the nooks and cranny's to hold the sausage gravy and be quick too. So I pulled out my trusty box of Bisquick and started playing.

I know everyone has one on their shelf.

They were fabulous. They came out light and fluffy and golden brown and only took 2 and a half minutes to cook. The waffle iron heats up in just a couple of minutes and doesn't heat up my whole kitchen. So that's a big plus too. And it's more eco-friendly with using power. So it's a win win situation all the way around.

Here's the recipe I came up with. Try it and enjoy. You could put honey or jelly on them too and they would be just as good if you don't like sausage gravy.

1-1/4 cup Bisquick mix
2/3 cup milk (in a pinch you could even use water instead)

Stir the batter just until combined. This will be a batter and will be thinner than normal biscuit dough.

I heated my waffle iron to the #4 setting but if yours has a temperature guage it was 400 degrees by my trusty heat sensor.

Before each addition of batter spray with cooking spray like Pam.

Pour in the typical amount required by your waffle iron.

Cook 2 minutes and 30 seconds or until golden brown.

Top with sausage gravy, butter and jelly, honey or anything else you would normally put on a biscuit.

Leave comments on how you've used your biscuit waffles, I'd love to hear the great ideas.

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